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is this thing on tapping microphone

Sometimes I forget I have sites outside of That’s Entertainment—to be fair, most of them actually are linked to or jump off of TE, but my own personal site is not one of them. I spent part of the day updating—nothing major. Ultimately, I’d like to do a full conversion to my normal setup for almost every other site I currently work on, but this is a good blue print.

In 2018, I decided to branch out from the live shows we were doing with Everything is Awesome and start doing the comic con circuit. Much to my delight, we were accepted to two of the three we applied for! It got me thinking how, as an “entertainer”, I have so much more to learn and do—and I turned 34 in July… I’m not getting any younger.

While I’m starting to plan out my 2019, I realized that I have several goals, aside the monthly live performance of Everything is Awesome, I’d like to accomplish. While making a movie ranks up there, I realize that particular goal is likely not 2019 goal (which means I won’t hit my goal of doing that before I turn 35). The goal I’m focusing on is helping grow the live podcasting scene in Philadelphia. That, however, requires time and money—so I’ve decided to dip my toes in the “freelance” market. While I’m not looking to do any freelance writing (though, I totally will if you want me!), I’m looking at more so using my IT skill set in hardware/software, wired & wireless networking, and web design to help fund / subsidize the audio / video services I plan on offering.

These audio / video services will be a mix of what my goal is—helping other podcasters in the area perform live—and services (like editing and producing) to also help subsidize my goals. While I briefly go over my services on the front page, I’m going to be spending my holiday weekend updating my company website with official information about all those services. Some will have fixed prices while others will be quote based. In the meantime, if you happen to be someone living in the greater Philadelphia area who needs a new website, IT work, or wants to start a podcast (this kind of service is NATIONAL BABY!); then please contact me!

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